Its been a while since I have posted something. Was so busy with my exams and stuff and finally now I do have some things to share with you!🙃

Living away from all the luxuries and having freedom from extravagance is simplicity, it is decency. Many people like to live with worldly luxuries such as wearing branded clothes and accessories, going to places in cars that will make you go WOW and having an extremely busy life while some people still have smiles on their faces even if they are travelling in a public bus or a taxi.

These people love a simple life where glasses doesn’t means Gucci, bags doesn’t means Channel, wallets doesn’t means Louis Vuitton, perfumes doesn’t means Calvin Klein or shoes doesn’t means Adidas! Any of this is not something that makes them happy, for them happiness is watching their children smile, rowing paper boats in heavy rain and sitting in a meadow enjoying the wind lighten you up.

Living a simple life is also hard, you have to control your desires and wills. We all must realise what our worth is and what has been waiting for us in the future.

Simplicity is living your life, not just existing, and excepting your status with being happy in what you have. Also, realising why you have been given this life rather than running after things and people that God never planned for you!

Hajra Irfan Syed

You are beautiful

To whoever reading this;

I hope you are fine but in case you are not, then let me remind you of something – You are beautiful. Not just like wise but you are beautiful in everything; your manners, your friendships, your morals, your love, your behavior, even in the partings and goodbyes and the best thing about it is that you don’t need someone else to tell you this as long as you believe it yourself.

You are beautiful when you smile with those dimples, you are beautiful with those alluring lashes, you are beautiful with those black curls and you are beautiful in every other way.

Give time to yourself and try to figure out what makes you unique because there are many things that you can do and many others can’t. Try new tasks, live risky, be brave and whenever you go out somewhere think as if you will conquer the world…think as if the most beautiful person alive.

To be beautiful you need to accept who you are.  Being beautiful comes from doing what you have always wanted and not letting anything stop you. To be beautiful you need to believe in your inner beauty. Don’t let others ruin your mood… just chin up, straighten your head and give out that damn cunning smile.

Maybe you might be going through a hard time because of some reason, but don’t lose faith. The worse and the good, they both come and leave. They don’t stay so instead of breaking beneath the pressure of these black clouds, stay firm and strong; tell yourself you deserve all the good in the world and then fight for it.

Do what Dory says in Finding Nemo;

-Just keep swimming

But if you are afraid, then close your eyes, clasp your hands together and pray and surely the fear will go away. I wish you the very best for your life but remember to love yourself first before you love to learn someone else!

Be your own kind of beautiful!

Hajra Irfan Syed


I often sit and wonder, what is life? How do people enter and suddenly leave you all by yourself, when you have no one to rely on or to support you? These people are the ones who are there in our lives because we learn lessons from them about life or about ourselves. Life is different for everyone.Some have passion for doing something extra ordinary and some just want to be ordinary. Some enjoy and savor every moment but some let every moment go and it doesn’t matter much to them. These people are tired of how cruel this world has been to them. They have the pain of being alone and staying lonely.

As a 15-year old I would describe life as a box of crayons. Every day you pick one and color different pictures, some end up as big disasters while some pictures are which you want to keep with you forever as a memory. They are your own masterpieces.

There are some people who matter to you so much that you can make any sacrifice for them but you have to be careful sometimes because this world isn’t a happy place to be. It’s not always rainbows and unicorns every time.

This world is two faced. Every person wears a mask, they seem as if they are very happy and everything in their life is beautiful but the face they hide from the world is of pain, fear and emotions. Only some understand what you are going through while some just pretend as if they are always there for you.Double faced people will pretend to be your friend but actually will backstab you when you are vulnerable. They are selfish.

Being alone and lonely are two very different things, alone is what you make yourself while lonely is what others make you feel. It’s the feeling that no one cares for you anymore. Being all alone makes you lose the tendency to share your feelings and emotions with others. It gets difficult for you to trust others because a part of you knows that maybe later you will be betrayed.

The phases and reality of life are difficult to understand but for those who have true emotions, it’s just a piece of cake! To set up a good, happy and an easy life you should give time to everything especially your family and friends. At times you just want to give up everything including your life because you think you are not strong anymore but believe me a lot of people dream of having your life.

Having low self esteem is not good but you should admit that not everyone likes you. Maybe you being perfect in everything will make them hate you but you must have confidence in yourself.  Bad things will happen to you, maybesomeone will say or do something mean to you, a friendship will dissolve, or maybe you will lose someone who was attached to your soul but always remember that life is trying to teach you something. Your life is telling you something new, something you are experiencing for the first time.

You should live your life to the fullest. Clear up your mind and be open and see the world from a different perspective. Be more focused on being yourself and being independent, start everyday with a fresh look, discover the purpose of living, be positive and believe in yourself….. Don’t just exist, live!

Love yourself. Love others. Love your life.

Hajra Irfan Syed