Who said Girls can’t do anything on their own and they NEED and Prince Charming?!

I need you to sit back, close your eyes, and think, what have these Disney movies since the very start of your childhood taught you? What have these Pakistani dramas been portraying? I am pretty sure a villain, a princess, and a charming prince would come into your mind. Now I need you to open […]


The world inside my head

Sometimes I feel so alone inside my head, Constantly wishing, I was dead. I always hide my feelings, Just to please others, my emotions, slowly revealing. For a girl, it is very hard putting makeup on her two faces, And trying to adjust forcefully, in different places. You always carry a world inside you, That […]


Its been a while since I have posted something. Was so busy with my exams and stuff and finally now I do have some things to share with you!🙃 Living away from all the luxuries and having freedom from extravagance is simplicity, it is decency. Many people like to live with worldly luxuries such as […]

You are beautiful

To whoever reading this; I hope you are fine but in case you are not, then let me remind you of something – You are beautiful. Not just like wise but you are beautiful in everything; your manners, your friendships, your morals, your love, your behavior, even in the partings and goodbyes and the best […]


I often sit and wonder, what is life? How do people enter and suddenly leave you all by yourself, when you have no one to rely on or to support you? These people are the ones who are there in our lives because we learn lessons from them about life or about ourselves. Life is […]