Its been a while since I have posted something. Was so busy with my exams and stuff and finally now I do have some things to share with you!🙃

Living away from all the luxuries and having freedom from extravagance is simplicity, it is decency. Many people like to live with worldly luxuries such as wearing branded clothes and accessories, going to places in cars that will make you go WOW and having an extremely busy life while some people still have smiles on their faces even if they are travelling in a public bus or a taxi.

These people love a simple life where glasses doesn’t means Gucci, bags doesn’t means Channel, wallets doesn’t means Louis Vuitton, perfumes doesn’t means Calvin Klein or shoes doesn’t means Adidas! Any of this is not something that makes them happy, for them happiness is watching their children smile, rowing paper boats in heavy rain and sitting in a meadow enjoying the wind lighten you up.

Living a simple life is also hard, you have to control your desires and wills. We all must realise what our worth is and what has been waiting for us in the future.

Simplicity is living your life, not just existing, and excepting your status with being happy in what you have. Also, realising why you have been given this life rather than running after things and people that God never planned for you!

Hajra Irfan Syed