The world inside my head

Sometimes I feel so alone inside my head,

Constantly wishing, I was dead.

I always hide my feelings,

Just to please others, my emotions, slowly revealing.

For a girl, it is very hard putting makeup on her two faces,

And trying to adjust forcefully, in different places.

You always carry a world inside you,

That is much colorful, lively, engaging, and true.

Everyone needs someone to share their feelings with,

But trusting someone is like hell harder than nourishing a kid.

Just imagine laughing and crying at the same time,

No one even believes this until it’s their turn.

When you lose someone worth living for,

You feel that you have loved them every minute more and more.

And as you grow older and older,

You always need to cry on one’s shoulder.

Emotions and feelings are strong and pure,

They are the signs signaling that you are getting mature.

If you understand things at a very young age,

It’s like you are turning the page of your life’s book with distorted rage.

Imagine that your heart is badly bruised,

Not physically but emotionally it’s hard for you to choose…

To choose between darkness and happiness,

To choose between depression and joy.

When I shed my tears,

My life fills with more pain and fear.

Only my pillow knows the number of emotions I hide from the world and when someone asks me that if I am hurt,

Forcefully I have to speak the truth that I am used to it.

I smile with an aching heart and tears in my eyes,

Forced to act the truth whilst beside me, stand my lies.

This world is not a happy place to live in,

You can lose your faith, your fame, and your passion in just seconds.

Never waste your feelings on those who don’t value them,

Just be the opposite of the things that have hurt you in your past.

Remember people never change,

It’s just the mask that falls off.

The key to living a happy life,

Is to understand yourself.

Behind every emotion, there is a reason,

And you just have to believe in yourself because you only live once.

Emotions are deeper than oceans,

It’s better to drown than to float.

You can fake a smile but you can’t fake your feelings with,

A person who understands what you are dealing with.

-Hajra Irfan Syed

2 thoughts on “The world inside my head

    1. Hey there, thank you for giving it a read and understanding what I am trying to deliver. I hope whatever is hurting you and had hurt you turns into joy and happiness ❤ Love, Hajra!


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