Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are danger to our privacy

In a world full of technology, where people have their minds being surrounded by social media and networking, we are stuck. There is no one-to-one correspondence let amongst us because social media empowers us, it gives us the idea that everything we need is just one click far from us. This world is just a dark place because all these colors have now been captivated in our phones. The bright yellow sun is replaced by the yellow Snapchat, the blue sky is replaced by Facebook, the birds in the sky which were the reason why many people were able to wake up early are now replaced with the chirping notification of twitter and sadly, we cannot do anything because we are happy with this lifestyle.

These social media apps have destroyed many lives it has disturbed many of us emotionally and it is a great danger to our privacy, sites such as Facebook and Instagram have ruined innocent mints and filled the teenagers with the thirst to watch porn and nudity. Cyberbullying is a vast subject that ends up when people in the clear end thyself as these sites swallow you in there darkness.

Many young girls have been blackmailed by anonymous abusers about causing harm to their families if they don’t keep up with the conversation or most likely webcam with them or basically if you don’t keep doing what they ask you to. We should stay safe from these monsters because anyone can be targeted but the question that arises here is that how can we stay safe from them? How can others be protected?

The answer to this is simply to keep an eye on what people around us are doing but that does not mean that you keep invading their privacy. If they are watching explicit content then we should be the ones to stop them, we should be the ones to protect them from drowning in the deep waters of social media. The people influencing them won’t ever stop but the people being a part of their world can.

We have to stop each other and protect our privacy, protect ourselves. Simple steps can be taken such as not sharing any type of private information related to family, friends, our residential details, or even our educational platforms. Reporting and blocking those Ids and people who are trying to harass you on any platform by any means can greatly protect us. By spreading awareness we can be a great influence on others as well. By just applying these simple steps, we can save society, save ourselves.

Be aware of the happenings around, before it’s too late.

-Hajra Irfan Syed

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